Friday, March 15, 2013

More pictures!

Hi friends and family!  Here are a few updated pictures of the house!  I took these with my iPhone this past Sunday and will hopefully have more to share when we go back to see it sometime this weekend!

Here is our garage, all filled in and ready for concrete!

Another picture of the garage.

Here is the basement with some pipes in it.  We think one of them is the radon pipes but other then that I have no idea what they are for.

And to leave you with a funny picture....see if you can find Riley....

Last weekend, Riley really wanted to be by the sliding glass door to lay in the sunshine (who can blame her, it was a gorgeous day!) but all of the packed boxes were stacked there.  So she somehow managed to hop down between the boxes and door to lay in the sunshine.  All that was good until she realized she couldn't get out!  It was pretty funny to watch her try to nose and scratch her way through the pile.  I ended up having to help her get out.  She hasn't tried to go back since then.

Happy Friday!

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