Wednesday, March 6, 2013

House House House!!!

Good morning friends and family!  It is currently snowing here in MD and schools are closed.  In fact, a lot of businesses and places are closed even though it's not that bad (in my opinion).  And I am NOT happy to be off!  I'd rather spend my days off in the summer when it is toasty and warm.  Also, snow delays our house!!!!  But the one good thing about a snow day is it allows me a day to pack since we are moving in 2 weeks, wrap presents for two birthdays and a baby shower, and bake!

In case you didn't know, Ben and I are having a house built in Howard County!  We are super excited about it!  We decided on the house back in October and the permits took awhile to go through.  They broke ground in January and (back then) they are saying it will be done in mid to late June, which would be perfect for school being out.  We'll see if it is actually done by then, fingers crossed.  Until June, Ben, Riley, and I will be moving in with Ben's parents until the house is done.  We are so lucky and blessed to have them close by and be willing to open their home to us for a few months.  I really think they are doing it just so they can have Riley for a few months ; )  Our lease is up the end of March so we decided to save some money by moving in with them.  Which means, we are packing!!!  It's hard to figure out what goes into storage and what we will need in the next 3 months.  And we have to do it all in two weeks!  Somehow, it will get done.  Maybe that's why God gave me a snow day!

Here are some first pictures of our house!

Here are some materials for something!  I have no idea though...I think it was for the basement walls.

The dirt is all dug up!  You can sort of see the layout.

Next we have basement walls!

This picture was sent to us by the sales manager.  The model home is next door so I think he went to the 2nd floor to take this one.  

Since the last few pictures, the basement walls have been poured, the garage has been filled in with dirt, and they have started laying the pipes and stuff before doing the basement floor.  I don't have pictures of these things because it was dark when we went to see it.  

Keep coming back for more updated pictures over the next few months!

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  1. Woohoo!!! So excited to see so much progress!!! :)

    See? Snow days are a wonderful thing!