Saturday, March 16, 2013

Baby Shower for BFF

Last weekend I got to partake in not one but two baby showers for my best friend, Hannah!  Hannah and her hubby, Andrew, moved to TX this past summer and I miss her so so much!  Now they are pregnant and expecting an adorable baby girl in July.  Hannah flew back to MD for a week and had two baby showers thrown for her.  The first one was given by her mother-in-law.  At the shower we played some games, such as tasting baby food and identifying the ingredients, Hot Baby (played like Hot Potato) and a guessing games with the gifts.

Me and my best friend, Hannah!

Someone made a fruit baby for the party.  How cute is that!

Aunt Lyndsey loves Baby Girl Beach!

College friends!  Heidi, Lindsay, Hannah, and Me

The next day, I traveled to the Eastern Shore to attend a baby shower thrown by Hannah's mother and grandmother.    She got some great gifts...this little girl is going to be the best dressed baby in Texas!

Bekah, Hannah's sister, lives in California but was able to make the baby shower via FaceTime!  Gotta love technology

Another childhood friend, Kaitlyn.

"Daddy Makes Me Smile"

How adorable is this dress?!?

This is what I gave Hannah and Baby Girl.  Hannah is a nurse and when I found this adorable onesie with a stethoscope on it, I HAD to get it for her!  Future nurse in the making!

Hannah with her mom and two grandmothers.

Hannah with her mom and mother-in-law.

My best friend is having a baby!!

College friends!


  1. LOve this! I love looking at pictures from these showers, just wish i could have been there! Thanks for sharing!

  2. You were there via technology!!