Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Task 1 done!!

Task 1 of 4 is done!  Woohoo!!!!  What in the world am I so excited about you ask?  Task 1 is done!

For those of you I haven't seen recently, Task 1 is part of a 4 part online portfolio that I have to complete for my graduate program.  This portfolio is due April 23rd so my spring break is solely completing it.  The portfolio is called the Teacher Performance Assessment, or TPA for short.  I am one of the (not so) lucky few who are part of the pilot program of TPA at the University of Maryland.  It is intense and requires a lot of writing, thinking, reflecting, and I even have to submit a video of myself teaching!

So, my goal is to complete one task a day and take the fifth day to go over the entire thing with the rubrics before submitting it.  Yesterday's task was task 1 and even though I was up till 12:30am, I got it done!

Now on to task 2....and a puppy play date...pictures to come of the play date

86 days till graduation!!!


  1. We need a puppy play date! :) And I remember the days of videotaping myself teaching. Eew lol. :)

  2. Yes!! How is Banner?? Is his cough gone? It would be fun to see him and Riley play!