Friday, August 4, 2017

Friday Favorites-I'm Back!

Hey y'all, I'm back!  It was a nice break but I actually did miss blogging!  So I'm back and here to stay for the meantime at least.  Today I thought I'd link up with one of my favorite bloggers, Andrea over at Momfessionals and share a few Friday Favorites!

1. Blogging - Ok, so I did miss it which surprised me.  I thought my little hiatus would be nice and refreshing, which it was, but my mind kept going back to my blog, especially when I read other blogs.  So I'm back but I'm giving myself grace to not post EVERY. SINGLE. THING. we do as a family.  In the past, especially since the girls were born, I felt like I needed to document every single thing we did together so that one day we could look back and enjoy the memories but that also made it stressful, especially since I was always late in blogging about it.  So I'm giving myself grace to post when I want about what I want, do more link-ups, share some recipes, etc. and just enjoy blogging for what it is.

2. Summer -  we LOVE summer around here!  I'm trying not to think about how there are only 3 weeks left until I go back to work :( and just trying to enjoy these last few weeks together.  I'm pretty sure we're going to have to practice waking up at 6:30am and not watching Mickey in the morning the week before the girls go back to Ms. Sara!  They love Mickey and we've gotten into the bad habit of watching a few episodes in the morning while they eat breakfast and I get some stuff done around the house.  They're also used to sleeping in till 7:30-8am so we have some work to do!

This summer we've had swim lessons, Mommy & Me gymnastics camp, ice cream, beach time (we only made it once this year, boo-hoo!), putting together a playset, landscaping around some trees (which is really hard when it feels like over 100!), and more!  We went to Dutch Wonderland, a little kiddie theme park in PA, for two days and sadly the girls did not enjoy the rides.  They weren't brave enough to try a ride on their own and while there are several family rides there, many of them are too tall for the girls so I think we went on about 5 rides and the water park the two days we were there.  I really hope they didn't inherit their dad's "I hate rides" gene!

3. Letter Boards - So I've been seeing these pop up on Instangram, Facebook, etc. and really wanted one!!!  I used an Amazon giftcard to buy one and made Ben hang it up right away.  Look how cute it is?!  I'm envisioning fun quotes, Christmas countdowns, birthday messages, and more.

Happy Friday everyone!  Enjoy the weekend!


  1. Welcome back to blogland! I definitely have had to give myself a lotta grace when it comes to blogging. I have lost like 90% of my blog audience, but oh well! Selah is more important. :)

    Now I need to see a house tour on here!

  2. PS--- I like the new blog design! Very trendy!