Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Wedding #1

It's wedding season!!!  Between May and September, we have four weddings to attend.  I am in two of them and the girls are in a third wedding, which basically means I'm in it too.  So there's one wedding that I had nothing to do with and that was the first one we went to.

The wedding was for our mutual college friend, Katie.  It was like a mini college reunion for Ben.  The only people we knew there were (mostly his) college friends and many of them we haven't seen in a long time so we had a really good time catching up with them.  We marveled at how at our wedding almost 6 years ago, the talk was about jobs and life after college and such.  Now we talk about babies and houses and grown-up things!

On our way!

Sorry for the blurry photos...everyone was moving so fast I couldn't get a good one.

The new Mr. & Mrs!

So these four lived together or near each other all four years of college.  Ben and the guy second from the left, Kunal, even went to high school together.  There was one friend missing from the wedding.  We started out the evening sitting next to our significant others which quickly changed to all the girls sitting together and all the guys sitting together so they could talk and catch up.

Daddy-Daughter Dance

My sexy date!

Me and the Beautiful Bride!


I love weddings.  It was so much fun to catch up with friends and have a date night with Ben.  Our next wedding is less than a month away and I'm the Matron-of-Honor.  So much to do!

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