Thursday, June 2, 2016

Life Lately

Just wanted to share some random photos from the past few weeks!  These two are too cute for words!

Natalie loves her sunglasses

Apparently this is what I look like when I'm waiting for my class to get quiet.  Hands on my hips and all haha!

At my school for a fundraiser!

For the fundraiser I volunteered to get pied in the face 3 times by students.

My cousin's baby turned one in May!

Isn't he adorable?

Meanwhile my two were fighting over a water bottle.

He loved his first cake!  He didn't really smash into it but he kept eating and eating and eating!

They like to sit on their little couch for nighttime bottles and Natalie enjoys trying to sit on Noelle.

Ready for daycare!

Having fun at daycare!

Hehehe, don't they look like little yodelers in shorts overalls!

She's such a ham


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