Monday, May 2, 2016

First Trip to the Zoo

I had off school this past Tuesday for Election Day.  Where I live/work, they use the schools as polling places.  It was supposed to be a beautiful day so I asked my friend Kayla if she wanted to go to the zoo with us!  For Christmas, the girls got a year membership to the zoo.  Kids under 2 are free so it was basically a membership for me and a guest, haha!  I have tried to go since March but it's either rained or been too cold or we've just been busy.  So we finally got to go!  Besides waiting in line for over an hour for lunch (that's another story) we had a really great time!  It was hot but there was a really nice breeze that made it tolerable and the zoo had lots of shady places.  The girls did pretty well, especially for missing nap time and having to stay in the stroller.  Their reward was Dip and Dots!  They both enjoyed watching the animals.  Noelle especially liked the giraffes.  She kept point to them and laughing!  At the zoo you can feed the giraffes for $2 so I can't wait to let them feed the giraffes next time we go!  The giraffe feeding station was a bit crowded this time.

Got our sunscreen on...we're ready!

Trying to get to the giraffes!

Trying to hold two squirmy, sweaty babies for a picture! And not drop any body in the process.

We all wanted to jump in with the penguins...the water looked so refreshing!

After the zoo we headed home to drop Kayla off and then headed to school to vote!  It was the girls' first Election Day and we were lucky that there weren't any lines.  They each got a sticker for being so good!

This past weekend the girls and I (sort of) did a 5K.  The PTA at my school hosts an annual 5K fundraiser each year and this year I participated with the girls, meaning I pushed them in the stroller...which was really difficult now that they're getting big!  I say we sort of did it because part of the course was around the elementary and middle school, meaning through the fields and I could not push the stroller through the grass.  So we did more like a 3.5K and walked all of it.  Regardless it was fun to see some of my students and get some exercise in.  I'm now nursing some shin splints but other than that we did pretty well!
(Not so) patiently waiting for the race to start.

Mile 2 marker!  Then we hit the fields, which we skipped.

So we took a snack break instead!

Hope you had a great weekend!  

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