Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Kaitlyn's Bridal Shower

I have been in a few weddings before but this is the first time I've been asked to be a Matron of Honor!  Back in November, one of my bffs, Kaitlyn asked me to be her Matron of Honor and I said yes!!  Kaitlyn and I have known each other since middle school but didn't become friends till high school so our friendship is 14 years strong!  Our other best friend, Kara, is the Maid of Honor (and the groom's sister!), which made it perfect to host a bridal shower together!

Kara's mom/the groom's mom let us use her house for the bridal shower, which I was so grateful for!  We had so much fun putting together this shower for Kaitlyn and coming up with decoration ideas, favors, menu, putting together games, all of it!  Kaitlyn said she had a great time, which is exactly what we wanted.

By the way, I got the cake at Costco and it was FABULOUS!  So delicious and an amazing price!

Me and Katelyn, the other bridesmaid/groom's sister

Katelyn was hard at work at the bow bouquet! 

The favors were lemonade packets with a straw tied on!

The bridesmaids gave Kaitlyn her comforter set and she loved it!

The bride and her mama!

Sandy, the mascot of the shower.

Mrs. Diane (groom's mom), Kaitlyn, and Mrs. Ann (bride's mom)

Joel, the groom!

Katelyn, Kaitlyn, Me, Kara

The happy couple!

Now we are on to planning the bachelorette party!  I can't wait for it!

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