Monday, April 11, 2016

Easter Pics

I can't believe Easter has come and gone already!  I feel like it flew by, probably because it was at the start of spring break instead of the end.  I feel like I had no time to get ready for it!  We went to church on Saturday night to avoid the crowds on Sunday and I volunteered in the kids center Sunday morning.  After that we went to my in-laws house for Easter dinner.  Uncle Kevin and Aunt Chessie were there too.  The girls took a nap which meant we got to relax!  After dinner we headed home and met my parents and brother.  They had gone out to dinner in Baltimore and stopped by to see the girls and give them their Easter baskets.  The girls got lots of books, snacks, clothes, and their first chocolate rabbits!

Ready for church!

Noelle, Natalie

The Easter Bunny came!

Easter Sunday

Noelle & Aunt Chessie

Natalie & Uncle Kevin

On an adventure!

Easter presents

Uncle Kevin with the photo bomb in the background.

Practicing her stair climbing skills

The girls didn't get a chance to look in their baskets until we got home that evening.

My mom made their basket liners....didn't she do an awesome job?!


Happy Easter!  We hope you enjoyed celebrating Christ's resurrection with your family and friends!

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