Monday, February 1, 2016

Random Pictures

Just wanted to post some of my favorite random photos that I take throughout the weeks.  Some of these pictures are repeats I think but they're cute enough to see again.

Natalie & Noelle got a tunnel for Christmas and love playing in it!

 Natalie's current favorite game is to pull all of the books off the bookshelf.  And she totally knows she shouldn't be doing it!

Natalie (left), Noelle (right)

Checking out a giant castle for sale in Costco.

Natalie was sick but this is such a precious picture.

Natalie practiced her duck face with some of my coworkers.

First ponytails! (Natalie, Noelle)

Let's go Redskins!

Mmmm we love blackberries!

And we love Daddy.

Selfie with Mama

I was taking a picture of myself when Noelle, who was behind me, saw the camera, dropped her pacifier, and made this face.  Totally photobombed my picture!

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