Thursday, February 18, 2016

Natalie's First Year

Natalie, my sweetheart, it has been quite the year!  You are my second child by one teeny tiny minute, the baby we were completely surprised to find hiding at 20 weeks even though I was pretty sure you were there (everyone thought I was crazy).  The one (at least we are pretty sure it was you) we missed on two sonograms and didn't hear your heart beat until that 20 week sonogram.  The one we were thankful for that you and your sister were healthy considering all the possible complications that come with identical twins.  You have grown so much in 365 days, from 5lbs, 1oz to 19lbs, 8oz.  From 16.75" long to 29" long (wow, over a foot!).  You're still petite (sorry hun, you got that from me) but you don't let that stop you.  You love to "talk," especially to your friend in the mirror and try to climb on and over everything you can.  You enjoy ignoring the word "no" and laughing like crazy when you're caught red-handed doing something you're not supposed to!  You are more patient than Noelle and have hit the physical milestones before her, purely because you've taken the time to learn them.  You love your thumb and blankie.  You love everyone, especially your mommy, and your first word this year was "mama."  You are already living up to your role as little sister, learning how to defend yourself against her.  You also love her to pieces and can't start your morning without giving her a high-five.  Natalie, your daddy and I love you so so much and can't wait to see what your second year brings.  Happy first birthday Munchkin!

Hours old!


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