Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Noelle's First Year

Noelle, my love, it has been quite the year!  You are my first born by one minute, the baby we were prepared for from the first positive test.  The one (at least we are pretty sure it was you) we saw on two sonograms and heard your heartbeat for the first time.  You have grown so much in 365 days, from 4lbs, 12oz to 18lbs, 8oz.  From 17.75" long to 29" long (wow, almost a whole foot!).  You're still petite (sorry hun, you got that from me) but you make your presence known.  You love to "talk" and shriek and try to climb on and over everything you can.  You are impatient, just like your mama, and are happy to let Natalie do things first, like sit up and walk, but you are never far behind her.  You love your pacifier and cannot sleep or go on car rides without it.  You love everyone, especially your daddy, and your first words this year were "dada."  You are already living up to your role as big sister, learning how to pull Natalie's hair and push her down when she got in your way.  You also love her to pieces and can't start your morning without giving her a high-five.  Noelle, your daddy and I love you so so much and can't wait to see what your second year brings.  Happy first birthday Squirt!

Hours old!



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