Saturday, December 27, 2014

More Baby Shower Fun!

A week after my mom threw me a shower, my mother-in-law, Kim, threw me one as well.  This one was a little closer to home (for me) in the western part of Howard County at her friend's neighborhood community center.  Kim hosted a great luncheon and it was nice that we got to sit and talk with friends.  She also had this adorable BINGO game where guests filled out what gifts they thought I would get and then they tried to get BINGO while I opened them.  There was some fierce competition going on!


The decorations were adorable!  I was able to take these boxes home and use them for the girls!


My in-laws gave us this framed picture for the nursery.  It's so pretty!


My sash of honor. It was very large on me!


Didn't I say we were super blessed?!  These girls are so spoiled! :)


I am already thinking of the Christmas pictures next year! 


Ben's daddy diaper bag.


One of my friends made a Dr. Seuss themed basket ( I love Dr. Seuss!!) and dressed up some diapers as Thing 1 and Thing 2!


This octopus is an adorable little stuffed animal that comes with 8 real socks!

Again, I can't say thank you enough to everyone who helped with our showers, came, brought us gifts, and everything else.  I can't wait to tell our babies how loved they are!

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  1. The shower was fun! The food was yummy and the decorations were perfect. Kim went all out! I totally won Bingo and called it. Everyone turned and looked at me but I didn't get anything, haha.