Sunday, June 22, 2014

Last week of school!

The last week of school finally came!  We had a ton of snow this year (yuck) and had to make up a lot of snow days...7 (I think! I lost track) and 2 days were forgiven by the state.  I thought summer would never get here!  School ended on the 20th, just in time for summer school set up on the 23rd and summer school to start on the 25th.  Oh well!  I'll take the small class size ( I think I have 5 kids this year) and the 4 hr work day anytime!  I really don't have much to share since we haven't done much other than me packing up my room for the summer and Ben bringing me dinner at school :)  But yay for summer!!!

Last weekend we all met in Christiana, DE to celebrate Father's Day with my dad!  We enjoyed dinner at Brio, an Italian restaurant that I had never been to before.

Flowers from my students! They are now second graders! *Tear* 
One asked me that when they came to school on Monday, if they would be second graders then.  I told him he had a few weeks before he had to come back to school, haha!

Always, always, always wear waterproof mascara on the last day of school! At my school, we do a fun farewell on the last day of school involving music, noisemakers, and bubbles.  It's so much fun but I always get so teary-eyed as my babies leave for the summer!


My room packed up and ready for summer!  I am so glad that I am staying in the same school, same grade, same classroom for next year!  Thank you God!


Another gift!  This one was from my next-door teacher's intern.  She's doing the same program I did two years ago and insisted that I was a lot of help to her.  I just enjoy answering questions because I had the same ones when I was in MCERT!  She is so sweet!


Now that summer's here, it's time to paint some rooms in our house!  We are focusing on the office, laundry room, and powder room.  I'll let you guess which colors are for which room...and who picked them out, haha!  More pictures to come!


Enjoying my second day of summer with my patriotic Toms in order to cheer on the USA team in soccer tonight!  Go USA!

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  1. I used to meet my parents at the Christiana Mall when my parents lived in NJ. Pretty much half way to central Jersey! And, no sales tax! I really like the fuchsia color on the left... Laundry room color? So fun! And I like the darker blue for the bathroom. Fun!!!