Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Another Graduate In The Family!!!

There's another Alvarez graduate in the family!!  Last night, we all gathered at Chapelgate Christian Academy to watch Chessie, the youngest Alvarez (in MD at least!) walk the stage!  She graduated from high school 9 years to the day after Ben and I graduated...yikes, now I feel really old.  She graduated in a class of sixty-some (I counted last night but now I can't remember how many there were) and between Ben and I, I think we were able to document her evening!


All I asked for was a nice picture...


Chapelgate's logo


There's our graduate!


Can we all appreciate how cute her shoes are?!


Some speeches and prayers by the students...I'm not sure of their names and I lost my program.  Sorry!


We realized that we sat on the wrong side so all of the pictures are the back of her.  Chessie is the second from the right.


The keynote speaker was a former teacher at the school who now is a professor.


Sorry for the blurriness!  She was moving so fast!


After they all crossed the stage, the graduates found their parents in the audience and gave them roses.


Congratulations to the class of 2014!!


(She was getting tired of all the pictures!)


Chessie and her favorite teacher, Mr. Apple.


After all of the family pictures, I volunteered to follow Chessie around so she could get pictures with her friends.


Me following her around like the paparazzi :)


Congratulations Chessie and to the class of 2014!!!!

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  1. Congrats to Chessie! Lyndsey, your outfit and hair are super duper cute!!! :)