Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day

Happy (belated) Father's Day to our amazing fathers and grandfathers!  Ben, Riley, and I went to my parents' house on Saturday to hang out with Dad and then we went to the races where we got to see my grandfather as well!  It was nice to go to the races again since we don't get to go as often as I used to go.  I made cupcakes (recipes to follow) and they were a hit!  Since we didn't get back from the races till midnight, we stayed at my parents' house and then had breakfast with them.  It was great to spend time with my dad, especially on Father's Day.

After a brief stop at Dunkin' Donuts, we headed back to Columbia to see Ben's dad for Father's Day.  We had an AMAZING brunch at a restaurant near their house (where we dined next to Brenda Frese, the UMD Women's basketball coach, and her family) and then we went to the nearby driving range to hit some golf balls!  Kim, Chessie, and I decided we needed some golf lessons!  It was fun and after the range, we went mini-golfing!  Brian got FIVE hole-in-ones!!!  I've never seen someone get so many in one game!

Overall, it was a great Father's Day weekend and we enjoyed spending time with both dads to let them know how awesome and amazing fathers they are!  It was also great getting to see my grandfather too.  We love you all!

My grandfather's sweet Schwinn bike!  It's from the 50's!

The racecar!

My grandfather talking to my dad.

Produce from my aunt and uncle's garden!

Gigantic zucchini!

Blurry pics of the track

Me and my Daddy

At the driving rance!!

Ben and his dad

Kevin was quite good at running and hitting the golf ball like Happy Gilmore!

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