Monday, June 4, 2012

Elise's Baby Shower

This past Saturday I got to go to one of my friend's baby shower!  Elise is having a baby boy, Jordan, in August and it was a lot of fun to celebrate her and the baby!  I was in charge of the food and I had a lot of fun baking and creating!

Elise and her hubby, Matt, are doing an owl theme with orange and green and brown as colors.  I got excited and tried working with fondant for the first time!  Fondant is how chefs make such cute decorations on cakes and cupcakes.  It's like edible play dough.  I used pre-made white fondant and kept adding color until I got the desired color I wanted.  I made these cute owls for the top of the blue velvet cupcakes (blue cause she's having a boy!).  Now, I'm not creative enough to do this all on my own but Google was there to help!  I followed an owl fondant tutorial from this blog Crave, Indulge, Satisfy

Here are some pictures of the rest of the yummy food!

Raspberry bars which are AMAZING!  Recipe is from a close friend of mine.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles!  I followed the recipe found on Eat Drink Smile

These bad boys were AMAZING!!! They are bacon wrapped sausages that my friend, Lindsey made.  You can find the recipe over on her blog, Bacon Wrapped Sausages

More owl cupcake shots

Cinnamon buns on a stick!  My grandmother's recipe!

Melissa, Elise, and Lindsey

Proud Mama to be!

More guests.  Sorry this pic is a little dark with the sunlight coming in.

Some of Elise's coworkers and one of her students!

Elise and another coworker.

More guests!  These lovely ladies are the mom and mother-in-law of our good friend, Mandy, who was also at the shower.

Melissa and Lindsey

Melissa explaining a game to us

Susan, our wonderful hostess! (And my Premier grandma!)

The baby Bjorn that Lindsey, Melissa, and I got Elise!

Such a cute owl that one of the guests made!

Instead of cards, each person brought a book with a note inside for the baby!  Great idea!

An owl bank.

This adorable blanket was made by Lindsey!  She is so talented and the owl is so precious!

My book gift, The Jolly Postman!  Best children's book ever!

Elise and all her goodies!  Baby Jordan is well on his way!

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  1. Yay! Great pictues! I will have to go back and edit my post to include yours! :)