Monday, June 11, 2012

Exit 0...Cape May, NJ

This past weekend, I went to Cape May, NJ with two of my best friends, Kayla and Hannah.  We had planned our girls weekend over a month ago and we decided to visit Kayla's parents house in Cape May. This weekend was especially meaningful because Hannah is about to move to Dallas, TX for her and her husband's new job so it was especially fun being with her and Kayla.

We had a great time!  We got there about midnight Friday night and then hung out on the beach allll day Saturday!  It was wonderful!  The weather was gorgeous and the water wasn't even terribly cold!  You could go in and get refreshed from the sun!  I also got to start (and finished on Sunday) the first book in the Hunger Games!!!  I had been waiting until school was over before starting since I knew I wouldn't be able to put it down.  And what better way to start then to have hours to lay on the beach and read!  That night we made dinner at the house and then went to Cape May's mall which is filled with all sorts of cute stores and shops.  One of the cool things about Cape May is that there are hardly any chain stores there so many things are unique!  After hitting the mall,  we went home, changed into our pjs and watched a movie.

Another thing about Cape May is that many of the houses are these old victorian houses from the 1800's.  The house that Kayla's parents have was built in 1854!  While we were there, we kept hearing noises, like things falling down or doors shutting but could never find anything that had fallen!  Kayla is convinced the house is haunted!  Hannah and I might've spent Saturday night together instead of separate rooms!

Sunday was great as well.  We went out to breakfast and then hit the craft fair on the boardwalk after.  We had scoped it out the day before and picked up a few things.  I got a Russian Nesting Doll for my collection and we all got these pendants from a jewelry lady.  They are silver discs with Cape May stamped in the top of it and our first initials at the bottom with a charm in the middle.  Mine is a starfish and I am going to put mine on my charm bracelet to remember our weekend!  After the craft fair, we hit the beach again and it was another gorgeous day!  We stayed out all day and I ended up getting sunburned even after applying many rounds of sunscreen!  I think my sunscreen had stopped working.

That evening, we cleaned and packed up and then went to a nice Italian dinner at a place called Godmothers.  The food was really yummy!  Then we chilled for awhile before heading home.  It was a great weekend and I can't wait to do it again!  Here are some pictures from my girls weekend in Cape May!

The rules

One of the many gorgeous Victorian houses in Cape May!

Panorama of the beach

The craft fair

Kayla is modeling one of the finger puppets that the crafters were selling

The beautiful table that Kayla's mom put together

The chef!

Tried to get a shot of us but the sun got in the way

Hill Walk!

The mall

We had too much fun with this!

Cape May has a Stewart's rootbeer store

"Is it blue? Or is it white?"

Our prom picture

Cape May's lighthouse

Us with the (teeny tiny) lighthouse in the background!

My addition to the signature wall

The cute (and possibly haunted) house!

Rocking out on the way home!

Really, we were leaving NJ.


  1. I miss seeing that New Jersey sign... not really. :) Looks like you girls had so much fun! Craft fairs are always a blast! :) I didn't know you collected nesting dolls!

  2. I do collect them! I have been since I was little...they are so neat!