Tuesday, May 1, 2012

25th Wedding Anniversary

This past Sunday, Ben and I, along with family and friends, got to celebrate my aunt and uncle's 25th wedding anniversary!  Their actual anniversary is tomorrow so we celebrated a few days early.  Everyone met at a fun little restaurant called Boonies (because it is out in the boondocks!) where we had good food, good drinks, room for the little kids to run around, and great company!  It was fun to hang out with family and to celebrate such a wonderful milestone in Aunt Susie and Uncle Wynn's life!

My little cousin, Harry....what a cutie!

Another little cousin, Madison

Soaking up the rays!

The next football star, Sawyer

Aunt Susie giving a speech

Uncle Wynn sharing his speech

Cheers!  Here's to 25 more wonderful years!

Great picture of my mom and dad!

Uncle Mark and Aunt Beth

Harry again and his Smith Island banana cake

Love them!!

Happy 25th Anniversary Uncle Wynn and Aunt Susie!!!

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