Thursday, May 10, 2012

So close!!

Well friends, can you believe that there are only 18 school days left?!? EIGHTEEN!! That is hardly any time at all!  Howard County did get the State Dept. of Ed to forgive our one day which wasn't even a snow day but a hurricane day back at the beginning of the school year.  And the State Dept. was kind enough to forgive it!! Yay! 179 days instead of 180!  It was a state of emergency and all so it really should've been forgiven in the first place!

Well just to update you on where we stand, Ben finished his class for the semester!!!  He is super happy to have some time to relax before his summer class starts!  He works so hard!

I have officially passed my internship (YAY!!) and my TPA (YES!!), which is the new electronic portfolio that we had to complete this year instead of a huge binder full of stuff.  If you remember, this was what I spent the entire spring break working on.

Tomorrow is my last day of the regular internship with the kids!  However, I will be in and out between next week and the end of the school year (which is only 18 days!) to observe other teachers and participate in all the fun end of the school year activities!  Though I must say, I sat my kids down today to talk to them about how I wouldn't be in the classroom as much starting next week, expecting a few of them to get upset and be peppered with questions.  After I said my bit, one student asked, "So tomorrow isn't your last day right?" "No, my last day is June 8th like you guys."  "Will you be here for the last day of school?" "Yes."  "What about our class picnic?"  "Yes."  "Ok, cool."  And that was that.  No tears, no frowns, no cheers, nothing!  I think I was more upset then they were!  It was very anti-climatic.  I was slightly disappointed.

Now, all that is left for me to do before my graduate program is over is to finish writing my action research paper and submit it.  So far, I am on page 30 and still have lots to type....

Anyone want to write for me?  No?

49 days till graduation!!!

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