Monday, December 19, 2011

Decking the Halls

I know Christmas is less than a week away (!!!) but I haven't put up my Christmas decorating pictures yet!  Ben and I decorated over Thanksgiving weekend because that was the only time I had free to do it.

We have a big tree this year which was new for Riley!  She wasn't quite sure what to make of it and the days following the decorating, we would find her chewing on the lower branches or trying to pull out the tree skirt.  Within the first hour of the tree being decorated, Riley knocked off an ornament and ate the top off before we could grab it.  Don't worry she turned out just fine.  She has gotten a lot better about the tree in the past few weeks.

The Final Products!
 Christmas cards!

 Those are some of my Nesting Dolls, the Christmas ones (I collect them!)
 So pretty!  Notice that there isn't any garland or ornaments on the bottom foot of the tree....I wonder why!  This is also the same reason we can't put out our presents under the tree.
Our two tree topper choice on the left and Ben's on the right!  Guess who won?


  1. LOVE your tree! And the card display! Very clever!

  2. Thanks! I want to find little clothespins to use for next year instead of tape!