Monday, December 19, 2011

Action Research Project

For my master's, I have to do an action research project instead of writing a dissertation.....yay!  I'd much rather do a research project instead of writing a really long and boring paper!

My action research will be on how implementing Writing Workshop into the classroom affects students.  I am hoping to see students become more encouraged to write and take pride in their writing.  I chose this project because writing will be a HUGE component of the new common core standards that will be implemented in all Maryland public schools by 2014.

Haven't heard of Writing Workshop?  Click here for more info!

Haven't heard of the Common Core standards?  Click on the Common Core for more info!

This is a word cloud! or are great places to make word clouds.  You type or upload any document into the site and they make the cloud for you!  Both sites pick up on the number of times a particular word is used and the more its used, the bigger it is!  This word cloud is my action research proposal paper.  You can see that students, writing, workshop, sharing, and school are the words I used the most!  Give it a try!  They are really fun to make!

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