Saturday, August 27, 2011

There's a hurricane a' comin'!

As with the last post, many of you are watching or even experiencing Hurricane Irene.  Did you know that the name Irene means peaceful?  That's funny since I'm pretty sure this Irene will not be living up to her name!

It's been a crazy past few days with tracking the storm.  Ben and I went out Thursday night to get supplies and there were no batteries, water, radios, or matches.  Hardly any bread left.  We managed to find some water and we have our bathtub filled in case we lose power.  So right now we are all settled in to see what Irene brings us.  I think our biggest concern is the potential flooding and losing power.  I hope we don't though because I don't want school to be cancelled on Monday!  I am excited to see how the first week of school goes!

Most of my family lives on the Eastern Shore which is currently under a hurricane warning, tornado watch, and a flood watch.  Noone lives near the water thankfully but we do have a little condo in Ocean City, which was evacuated yesterday.  Luckily our condo is on the 2nd floor and doesn't face the ocean so hopefully that will help.  Other towns on the Eastern Shore, like Oxford, St. Michaels, and Kent Island, were under a mandatory evacuation too.  The storm surge is supposed to be anywhere from 5-10 feet high!

When Hurricane Isabel came up the bay in 2003, the Eastern Shore experienced a lot of flooding.  There were boats in trees and people were kayaking down the streets of towns!  People even saw goldfish that had gotten out of backyard ponds swimming in the middle of towns!!  It was crazy and I am hoping Irene will be nicer to us than Isabel.  Hopefully I will have some pictures for the next post if we have any good ones after the storm.  Stay tuned!

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