Saturday, August 27, 2011


I'm sure many of you heard of even experienced our 5.8 magnitude earthquake on August 23rd!!!  That was a crazy experience.  It was both of our first earthquake.  Ben was at work and he stayed in his office till it was over then went outside to see if there was any damage.  I was at school in a planning meeting when the ground and my body started to shake.  At first, no one else said anything so I thought I was either imagining it or this was normal!  Maybe a train track was nearby?!  But then our desks and computers started to shake violently.  One teacher did get under the desk, like we were supposed to.  The rest of us sat there and kept saying, " Is this an earthquake?  What do we do?"  After it was over, we all started to contact family to make sure everyone was okay.  We did leave school early that day but luckily there wasn't any damage to the building.

Then, at 1:08am on Wednesday morning, Ben felt the 4.5 magnitude aftershock.  He thought it was another earthquake and came in to wake me up.  By the time I was awake though, it was over.  It was certainly a nerve-wracking experience!

I think the whole West Coast is laughing at us!

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