Thursday, May 26, 2011

Being home and being lazy

Well blog friends, my last day of work was last Friday!  Woohoo!  I have enjoyed being off the past week and not having any real plans (except getting some cavities filled, yuck!) and just relaxing.  Though, I need some other people to be off work to hang out with me!!

Last Friday was also Riley's 1st birthday!  She got two new toys and 2 cookies.  One was in the shape of a squirrel and the other was in the shape of a birthday cake and candle.  She enjoyed the cookies and thoroughly enjoyed her toys!  One lasted 2 days, and the other, which was labeled as virtually indestructible, lasted 5 days!  She enjoyed tearing into them and managed to destroy both.  So Happy Birthday to Riley.

Over the weekend, Ben and Kevin (his brother) went to the annual Andrews Air Force Base Air Show with some friends.  I was elsewhere but he said he had a great time and that the shows were awesome.  He came home with a wonderful farmers tan and a red face!  Here are some pictures he took at the show.  Happy Memorial Day weekend!

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