Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sick day = Productivity

So I am home with a terrible sore throat/slight fever/chills but I just went to our local grocery store to stock up on OJ, soup, throat lozenges, and some Starbucks Skim Caramel Chai Latte!!!  Absolutely my favorite drink from there...if you haven't before,  you should try it.

Anyways, I decided I should update while I am home.  Riley's mad at me because she's in her crate and she knows that I am home but not letting her out.  I just don't have the voice to discipline her puppy behaviors...it hurts to talk!  Hopefully she'll learn that whining does not equal being let out of the crate.  She's woken us up in the middle of the night the last few nights wanting to play.  The trainer told us to ignore her but it's hard to ignore her when she's in your room and she could very well wake the whole apartment building up!  So, maybe today will be a good lesson for her!

I don't have any new pictures to post because I left my camera at my parents house when we visited two weekends ago.  We went home to watch the last race of the season for my dad and to celebrate my grandmother's birthday.  I'd tell you how old she is but she'd kill me!  She doesn't look her age, that's for sure.  My dad's side of the family came over to my parents house to celebrate on Sunday.

 These are some pictures of our racecars.  The top one, #75, is my dad's car and the bottom one, #57, is my brother's car. 

We FINALLY got our bedroom furniture!!  We were told 2-4 weeks back in July which turned into 3 months!  It looks great though and it's so nice to finally get our clothes out of bags and boxes and into real drawers!  Though, lining the drawers was a totally different experience.  So far, I've spent probably 5 hours wrestling the stupid liner from measuring all of the drawers to cutting to the liner sticking to itself instead of the drawer....it's been a nightmare!  But I only have 4 to go from 19!

I think that's about everything that has happened since our last blog!

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