Saturday, September 11, 2010

Last weekend...

Even though it's a new weekend, I still need to write about our wonderful Labor Day weekend!  Friday night we got to spend time with our good friends, Hannah and Andrew Beach!  We had a wonderful dinner at Cheesecake Factory and saw a movie with them!

Saturday morning we drove to the Eastern Shore to spend the weekend with my family.  Riley met my parents dogs, Oakley and Mali who are both terrier mixes.  The initial meeting didn't go so well but after awhile, Mali and Riley especially got along while Oakley just tolerated her.  (L-R) Oakley, Mali, and Riley
Oakley and Riley

On Sunday, we went to my cousin's beautiful wedding!  It was on the river and the weather was absolutely gorgeous!  The bride was beautiful in her wedding gown!  And Monday, we went to my grandparents house for our annual labor day pool party.  The weather was on the cooler side so not many of us went into the pool but we relaxed and talked with family and ate lots of good food!

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