Wednesday, October 27, 2010

We have a graduate in the family!!

On Monday, October 18th, Riley graduated puppy class along with two other dogs!!!  We have no idea what happened to the other puppies but we wanted to share some cute pictures with you!  Since Riley and the other dogs are so smart, they graduated a week early!!  We got some pictures taken courtesy of our trainer then he led us all out into Petsmart.  While waiting in an aisle for our names to be called, the loudspeaker crackled on...we all gave each other puzzled looks.  Next thing we know, Pomp & Circumstance starts playing for everyone in the store to hear!  All of us humans were cracking up!  After the song played through, the trainer called everyone's attention to the graduating class of October 2010!  The dogs were called one by one to the front (Riley was the ever rambunctious Riley) and we prayed that she would walk like she learned something.  By now, everyone in the store, customer and employee, were at the front, clapping and cheering for the dogs.  I must say, Petsmart knows how to graduate in style!!

                                                                       Riley in her cap

                                 The graduating class of October 2010!  Riley, Daisy, and Gizmo

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