Monday, September 11, 2017

Beginning of the Year

Guys...there is NOTHING like beginning-of-the-school-year-exhaustion that we teachers experience.  Seriously.  The first week back is full of running around, not eating lunch till 3pm, helping lost students find their teacher when they don't know who their teacher is, convincing kids to come in from the playground, and buses dismissing late because kids keep getting on the wrong ones.  Then to come home and work on all the stuff you didn't get to during the day so that you have an actual class list for next day's fire drill or popsicle sticks with lunch numbers ready, or making sure you know how to teach the new lessons.  It's tiring!  I think I had over 10,000 steps every day BEFORE I got in the car to go home!

I think it's going to be an interesting year...I have a good class and they're just so darn cute at 6 yrs old!  The challenge for me this year is taking a room and materials that I have enough for and know how to work for 24 students and making it work for 26 students, possibly more if we get more new ones.  It's a lot of kids!  And my organizational mind is in overdrive trying to make my room work for that many.  It's going to be interesting and take a lot of trial and error.  Good news is that 6yr olds are fairly flexible when it comes to changing things up!

I don't have too many pics from the week but here are a few from last weekend and the first week back.  Ben & I had a wedding to go to the Saturday of Labor Day and since it was a few hours away we just got a hotel room for the night so we didn't have to worry about driving back so late.  The wedding was for college friends.  The groom, Nate, lived on Ben's floor freshman year and the bride, Lindsay, was a freshman in their dorm their sophomore year.  They started dating and TEN YEARS LATER he proposed...Lindsay is one patient woman!  There were several jokes during the ceremony about how we've waited a long, long, long time for this day lol!

Ben's roommate all 4 years of college, Matt, was the officiant for the wedding.

Finally husband and wife!

That dress....all the heart eyes!


Pictures during the cocktail hour.

The wedding was supposed to take place outside at that little gazebo but remnants of Hurricane Harvey forced the wedding to take place inside.  There was a break in the rain during the cocktail hour so we could go out for pictures.

It was fun seeing college friends that we haven't seen in awhile, some in several years!

I've been playing with my Silhouette Cameo some more and decided to try glass etching.  It's pretty simple.  You use the vinyl to make a stencil, put the stencil on the glass, plop on some etching cream and then wash it off.  I thought it turned out kinda cool!

After the A I decided to try our family business' logo.  Not too bad!  I have one more side to try so I'm deciding on another design to do.  I've also been working on birthday shirts for a friend at daycare...can't show them yet!

September and cooler weather means all the pumpkin!  I made some GF pumpkin bread that didn't last very long.

And some random pictures...we tried a new park out last weekend and we were watching Daddy fly his drone :)

Natalie loves to swing!

The girls almost always "read" to themselves after we put them to bed and almost every night I have to put their books away for them.  How sweet!

Reading with Daddy, accessories on point.


And that's all I have from the past week!  


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