Monday, April 10, 2017

Misc. March

A week late but here are my March miscellaneous pics!  I didn't get to share much of March with you simply because we were busy moving!  Here are some pictures from the past month!

Dr. Seuss Day was March are my Thing 1 and Thing 2 in a box!

And at daycare they made Dr. Seuss hats and took a group are my two haha!


In March I also got to celebrate one of my best friends with helping throw a bridal shower and bachelorette party!

Kaitlyn, one of my other best friends.

We went wine tasting and out to dinner.  So fun!

Grocery shopping when there aren't double carts.

My sister-in-law turned 21 in March and Ben turned 30 in March so we went out to celebrate at Dave & Busters.

Also in March we had a random snowstorm that gave us our first snow day of the year.

They were much more mobile in their snowsuits this year than last year.



One of the last pictures of our house!  We settled the day before the snow storm and moved four days later.

The girls helped Daddy take off all the magnetic child locks.

We got this giant Minnie balloon from Party City for their birthday in February and she was still standing a month later!  I think they think she's a real life Minnie Mouse!  Natalie loved hugging Minnie.

And so did Noelle!

And the last picture of our first house together.  We both cried and were sad to leave it but we love our new house.  This house will always be special as our first house together. (Sorry for the sideways picture!)

So cute when they sleep!

Playing dress-up

For an early April Fool's Day joke, I "switched" the girls for daycare on March 31st.  I put the name shirts on the wrong girl, covered up Natalie's tell-tale freckle and put one on Noelle.  Here are the attempts of me trying to get a good picture of them (again, not sure why they're sideways!)

Natalie in red, Noelle in pink.

I dropped them off at daycare without saying anything haha!  Sara, our daycare lady, texted me around 10am saying I got her good!  She was trying to get "Noelle's" attention by calling her name and when she wouldn't respond, she took a closer look and realized what I had done!  We had a good laugh over it.  If you can't have fun on April Fool's with your identicals, then when can you?

Now that we're in our house and mostly unpacked, I'm hoping to get a little caught up with the blog, such as the girls' birthday that was almost two months ago!  Happy April friends!

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