Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Our January

Can you believe we're already a month into 2017?  Our January has been pretty low key...fighting colds, hanging out at home because it's been too cold to go outside, doing house stuff to get ready for settlement, nothing too thrilling.  I haven't really had much to post for the month so I thought I would wrap it up with all the miscellaneous pictures I've taken the past few weeks.

Sisterly love

Mommy and Noelle

Noelle & Natalie

Hanging with Pop Pop!  We went to visit them for a few days over MLK Jr weekend.

One of my favorite sights....they often like to have their own space but on this day Natalie sat down first, patted the spot next to her on the little couch, and Noelle chose to sit with her instead of her own couch.

This one seems to think I'm going to forget her breakfast one day.  Each morning she stations herself next to the pantry as I make lunches and won't move until I feed her.

When your sister has a dino hat and won't let you wear it...even though you had the chance to make your own at daycare and refused.

Diva much?  Noelle grabbed the sunglasses as I put her in her high chair for breakfast and wouldn't take them off.

We spent one weekend at the World Pet Expo at the Maryland State Fairgrounds.  The girls LOVED it.  They did a great job holding our hands as we walked around and excitedly pointed out each animal.  They especially loved seeing so many doggies!

Kinda hard to see but a baby baboon!


Two-toed sloth in the laundry basket

Noelle liked clapping for the dock dogs.

Dock Dogs!

Instead of diving in after the bumper, this dog ran up to the edge, peered over, and then jumped in!

Daddy and Natalie


One of the dogs checking out the sheep

Mini Horse and Fainting Goat

We made pumpkin bread one day and my little sous chefs enjoyed "helping"!

All the family watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Probably another night of watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse


I'm trying not to think too much how tomorrow is February and that means we're less than two weeks away from having two TWO year olds! How are they almost two?!?  We have lots of plans for February including birthday celebrations and settlement!

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