Saturday, December 31, 2016

Christmas, Part 3!

I'm here today to wrap up our 3 day, 5 celebration Christmas extravaganza!  Check out Part 1 and Part 2 to see why I was in bed and asleep by 9:30pm Christmas night!

After we had our Christmas morning together as a family, we (sort of) got dressed (girls were in PJs, I donned leggings, and Ben was the only one wearing jeans) and headed to my in-laws' house to spend the rest of Christmas Day together.  We got there mid-morning and munched on appetizers while the girls opened their presents.  By far their favorite gifts were strollers for their baby dolls and an adorable pint-sized metal shopping cart!

Noelle in Daddy's shoes

Playing with their ridiculously cute shopping cart!

We finally got them to leave the shopping cart alone and to open some more gifts.

All clothes belong on your head.

Noelle took care of removing all of the bows.

Noelle & Uncle Kevin

The girls got tired of opening gifts so Nana opened some for them.

Noelle & Mommy

Nana & Natalie


Taking their babies for a walk


After the girls opened their gifts it was naptime.  They went down a little bit easier then they did on Christmas Eve.  While they napped, the adults took turns opening their gifts.

Our gift to my in-laws was a hand painted portrait of their house with their family dog on the front porch.  My good friend Lindsey is an artist and I asked her awhile back if she could paint the portrait for us.  She did an AMAZING job and I have now made my in-laws cry two years in a row at Christmas (last year was a photo book).  Ben said I really need to stop :)

We ended our Christmas Day by going home, putting the girls to bed, and crashing by 9:30pm.  We were exhausted!

Our last Christmas celebration was on the 26th and that was with my mom's side of the family.  We usually try to celebrate the weekend before or after Christmas but with Christmas falling on a weekend we decided to celebrate on the 26th.  We hit the road again to head to my parents house in the afternoon and spent the evening having dinner and opening gifts one more time.  By  now the girls were gift-opening pros and they tore through their gifts of books, puzzles, and clothes.  On both sides of my family the adults do a Secret Santa exchange since they're both large families so after the kids opened their gifts the secret Santa exchange happened.  

Noelle & Grammy

Lots of playing between dinner and gifts

Cousin Mitch opening his gifts!  We always go youngest to oldest so he was up first.

Natalie's turn!

Trying on her new mittens!

Noelle's turn

Cousin Easton with his new handmade stocking from Aunt Sharon!

Secret Santa Exchange has begun!

Jenell and Noelle

Heather & Mitch


My mom and her sister

Mommy & Natalie

Best family photo we could get.  We were beyond blessed and spoiled by our families for Christmas and it was wonderful to have five celebrations to celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.
Merry Christmas!

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