Friday, December 30, 2016

Christmas, Part 2

If you missed our part 1, you can check it out here at Merry Christmas!

Our Christmas Part 2 started Christmas morning at our house.  Our little sweethearts must have been good because Santa stopped by!

I was up bright and early and no one else was awake so Riley and I took some pictures!

What a sweet girl

Still waiting for everyone to wake up...the girls didn't get up till 8am!  Daddy got up soon after because we woke him up :)

They have no idea what to do first.

Then they made a beeline for the biggest gift.

A table & chairs from Mommy & Daddy!

So happy they didn't want to get out of the chairs.  We ended up having to remove them from the family room.

Mesmerized with the bubble blower

Noelle & Daddy reading her new book.

Selfie with Natalie

Noelle immediately had to try her skirt on.

A tea set from Santa!

Baby dolls from Mommy & Daddy

Selfie with Noelle

Then it was time for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and cereal for breakfast!  That gave Mommy & Daddy time to open their gifts.

Natalie let Riley lick the cereal dust off her fingers.

We had a great Christmas morning together as a family!  I tried not to dwell on the fact that this is our last Christmas in our first house together but it was hard not to.  Tomorrow I'll finish off our Christmas celebrations with the rest of Christmas Day at my in-laws' house and then celebrating the 26th with my mom's side of the family.

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  1. Let me know how the bubble blower is! Selah would LOVE that. Every bath time, it's "bubbles? bubbles? bubbles?"