Monday, October 17, 2016

Football Season

As you all know, fall means several things: apple crisp, pumpkin everything, cooler weather, shorter days, and football!!!!  We enjoy watching football most of the time.  I like having the games on while I do things around the house and we cheer for the Maryland Terrapins and the Washington Redskins.  I am very thankful I married a man who cheers for the same teams as I do!

My dad and brother are Baltimore Ravens fans and my dad has season tickets so when we saw that the Redskins were playing the Ravens in Baltimore this year, I quickly volunteered to go :)  My parents, Ben and I were going to go but unfortunately Ben got sick last minute and had to stay home so one of my best friends Kayla was able to come last minute!  She drove from Virginia to go and it was her first professional football game!

We had a lot of fun at the game.  Many things in the stadium were pink (including the paper towels in the bathroom) for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the Ravens' two bird mascots (real ravens) even had pink colored on their wings for the occasion.  I tried to get a picture of them but the birds went inside before I could get one.  The game also honored many of the Maryland Olympic athletes that competed in Rio this past summer: Michael Phelps, Allison Schmitt, and Brad Snyder.  Michael Phelps came out with the team during the warm-up and Allison and Brad were honored at other times throughout the game.

Friends since freshman year at college!

Allison Schmitt being honored on the field

And after adding the pictures I realized I never got one of me and my parents!  Sorry Mom & Dad!

The last two minutes of the game ended up being a nailbiter with the Redskins scoring and then letting the Ravens basically walk up the field to try to score.  With twenty-some seconds left, the Ravens scored a touchdown, which would've tied the game, but upon review the player didn't have both feet in the endzone and it was ruled incomplete.  The Redskins managed to hang on and win!  I of course had a great time celebrating the win but the Ravens fans were not very happy!  We really had a fun time though and I enjoyed going to the game and appreciated that it was in October, not December.

Special shout-out to Brian, Kim, and Chessie who watched the girls for us so Ben could rest and I could go to the game!  Thanks Poppy, Nana, and Aunt Chessie!

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