Friday, October 2, 2015


Well, we have our first sick babies of the year!  It started last week with Natalie.  Ben was gone all week to California for work and I kept saying they would learn to crawl while he was gone and I would be trying to chase them down.  Instead of learning how to crawl, Natalie got sick!  Daycare called last Thursday to say she had a fever so I picked them up early and had to take off Friday for the 24hr free rule.  Other than the fever, Natalie was acting pretty normal all day!  Noelle went to daycare and Natalie and I had a Mommy & Nat day.  Then Friday night, she threw up ALL OVER ME  as I was putting them to bed!  Thankfully my mother-in-law was there and she helped me clean it up.  Even though she got it all over me, at least she didn't get it in the crib or on her sister!  This happened right after our 24hr window expired and sure enough, she had a fever again.  So we started all over again!  Natalie went right to sleep and was feeling better when she woke up.  Saturday was my grandmother's birthday (sorry, I didn't take any pictures!) and since Natalie was better without a fever, we decided to still go and just see how she was.  Luckily she was fine all day and was on the mend!

So this entire time that Natalie was sick, I tried to keep Noelle away from her so she wouldn't get sick too.  Natalie went back to daycare and I thought we were in the clear...and then daycare called today.  Noelle's turn to be sick!  Luckily Ben was already home for the day so he picked her up early and I picked up Natalie later.  When I got home, Ben was in the process of cleaning up...Noelle had thrown up all over him!  I told him he was an official dad now.  She hasn't had a fever yet so fingers crossed that the fever stays away.

We had plans to go to the pumpkin patch with my sister-in-law to take some pictures (she's an amazing photographer!) but it has rained and rained and rained all week, so we had already cancelled that trip.  And now we are starting to see the effects of Hurricane Joaquin and it is supposed to pour all weekend.  So we have the perfect weekend to stay in, cuddle, and hopefully be all better by Monday!  I am hoping to work on some new TpT things since I haven't touched it since school started but we will see.  Baby snuggles take precedence over that!

Enjoy your weekend.  Stay away Joaquin!

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  1. Oh man! Two sick babies in a row! That's rough. :( Glad your MIL was there to help out!