Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Meet & Greet #1

Once the girls were born, we had many friends and family friends that wanted to meet them but we weren't able to see all of these people in one place.  So we decided to have a "Meet & Greet" (greet doesn't look like it's spelled right, but there's no red squiggly line, so I guess it is? I hate it when words all of a sudden look wrong) with both sides of the family.  We had our Meet & Greet with my family this past weekend.  The girls and I were going to go down on Friday to start our visits but the weathermen were calling for snow on Friday (also the first day of spring!!!) so we went down Thursday afternoon.  My close friend, Kaitlyn, was able to come over and meet them after work!  She wasn't able to come Saturday so I was really happy she could come Thursday.

On Friday, we had lunch with my dad and then went to the shop so that Pop Pop could show off his girls to his employees.  We hung out there four about two hours while Pop Pop worked and saw their uncles and great grandfather too.  Their great grandmother and cousin stopped by too!

After visiting the shop, we went to my mom's school so she could show them off to all of her coworkers.  We snuck in right before dismissal and waited in the office.  A few minutes after the bell rang and the kids were gone, we were mobbed by all of her coworkers!  The girls were passed around and everybody got to hold them and cuddle with them.  After that, we went back home to watch the Maryland men's basketball game and have dinner with my parents friends and my grandparents.  My cousins and aunt also stopped by to visit the babies.  The girls wore their Terp gear all day to bring luck to the Terps!  Grandmommy stayed up way later than she should have to embroider them some UMD onsies to wear.  Aren't they adorable?



(Can't figure out how to turn the picture!)

Mommy & Natalie

My cousin's almost 5yr old son holding Natalie.

Natalie and her great-grandfather

Saturday morning was our Meet & Greet.  My mom invited many of her friends to come meet the girls and we had a great turnout over several hours.  The girls were held and cuddled and did a great job of not spitting up on anyone!

Noelle was ready for her fans!  I didn't get a picture of Natalie before people started arriving.

Mrs. Daphne and Mrs. Lee holding the girls.  Mrs. Daphne is a family friend and Mrs. Lee used to babysit me and my brother when we were little!

My cousin Erin was home for spring break and finally got to meet the girls.

Aunt Lisa and Erin

My good friend CC!

Our family friend, Mrs. Bonny.  She came up from SC to surprise us with a visit!

Mr. Logan, a family friend.


The girls had a lot of fun meeting everyone and we can't wait for our Meet & Greet with Ben's parents' friends!

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