Monday, March 16, 2015

A 36 Week Journey

Long before we knew I was pregnant, I had always thought about how I would want to document my pregnancy and had decided that I wanted to do the weekly bump photos with the cute chalkboard updating the week, size of the baby, and other facts.  I will admit that I didn't think about how long and tiring that would be, having to do it each week, but we did it!  I thought it would be fun today to share the photos to see my baby bump grow and grow!  The first 16 pictures or so were before we knew we were blessed with twins and you can see how big I was already getting!  I had no idea why I was so big and just thought it was because I was short.  Week 20 made a lot more sense!!  Anyways, enjoy looking at my belly grow and ignore my face as it gets puffier and puffier towards the end :)

              Week 4: Just found out we were expecting!                           Week 5

                                      Week 6                                                           Week 7

Baby A means Baby Alvarez, not Twin A!  Little did we know...













I can't find my Week 32 picture...I'll have to ask Ben to look on his phone for it.


We never got a bump picture for Week 36 because we were sent to the hospital instead!  At 36 weeks and 3 days, we welcomed our beautiful little girls into this world! 


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  1. These are beautiful!!! :) Love how confused Riley looks. :)