Friday, August 15, 2014

School's About to Start!

I can't believe it's my last Friday before school starts for teachers.  Summer went by waaaaaay too fast!!!  I haven't done much the last few weeks of summer, just doing some things for school.  Ben and I went to the beach again with friends and then I went with some friends.  Other than that, we have just been relaxing and enjoying the not incredibly hot summer!  It was actually 56 degrees this morning!

Here are some of the school projects I've been working on at home.


This was a wooden box that I used for a high school project for a John Keats poem.  I don't remember the poem but I think it had something to do with the four seasons.  I meant to take a before picture but I forgot.  This box originally was painted black on top, blue and green on bottom, and had leaves, stars, and sea glass glued to it.  After the project, my mom took it to use as a prize box in her classroom and it got a little beat up over the years.  This summer, she gave it back to me and I gave it a makeover!

First I pried all the leaves, stars, and sea glass off.  Then I used rubbing alcohol to loosen the dried hot glue and pry that off too.  It took forever!  Finally, I was able to paint it and add the glitter.  I can't wait to use it in my classroom!


This was an old cardboard mailbox I scored from a retiring teacher.  It was dark blue all around with white dividers.  I took it apart, dusted it off, and just used duct tape to give it a makeover.  I think it looks much more appealing now!  I then used binder clips to write numbers on the mailboxes.  I give my students a number and they write their number on everything.  It's also their line order, cubby order, etc.  The numbers are so helpful because I can see who didn't turn in work, who isn't in line, etc.  So now they will know which mailbox is theirs and I don't have to rewrite names every year.


And who doesn't love a picture of Riley laying on a pillow?  She loves pillows and will lay on them whenever she has a chance.  Happy Friday!

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  1. The numbers are a great idea! Wish I could use that one in my room!