Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Happy 4th Anniversary!

Two weeks ago, Ben and I celebrated our 4th anniversary!  It's hard to believe it has been 4 years already, especially when I remember our wedding day so well and think about all that we've done in 4 years.  We didn't exchange gifts this year because we decided to buy an entertainment center for our family that was our gift.  Ben brought me roses on our anniversary (he's a keeper!) but it fell on a Thursday and we had our bible study over for a game night so we didn't celebrate until the weekend. 

The following Saturday, Ben took me to paint pottery!  Many people asked me how I got him to do it but I swear, it was all his idea.  He took me and found the place and everything!  Once we got there, we decided on our pieces.  I picked a big bowl.  I think its actually called a cappuccino mug but I like it for soup!  Ben picked a big coffee mug for his coffee.  Then we had to decide what colors to use.  Ben decided to go with a Thor theme while I saw a technique on the wall called Bubble Trouble that I decided to use.  It was really fun!


He is so excited, haha!


My color scheme.


So the Bubble Trouble was really fun!  Basically you mix the paint with bubble solution and use a straw to blow bubbles, like milk bubbles.  You keep making "milk" bubbles until they spill over the cup onto the pottery and pop!  It was quite messy and lots of fun!  


My engineer is so precise!  He found a picture he liked, practiced on paper with straight lines and everything.


Ben's finished mug before the kiln.  The marker came off in the kiln.


My really messy mug!  I loved it.


And here are our final pieces!  They came out really great!


On Sunday, we tried a new restaurant in Columbia called Maggiano's.  It's a chain Italian restaurant that is known for its humongous portions and we came away STUFFED!  I think one of the best parts was that they take reservations online!  If you are near a Maggiano's, you should definitely try it!  We had a great time celebrating our anniversary and are excited to see what year 5 brings!

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  1. Happy Anniversary! Thanks for "sharing" it with us, lol :)