Thursday, November 7, 2013

Surprise for a Friend!

This past Sunday, Ben and I had some friends over to our house to play games...little did one of them know that it was a surprise baby shower for her!  Our friends, Blake and Rachel, are about to welcome a little baby boy into the world and our other friend, Lindsey, had the idea to throw them a shower!  We went out to lunch first and then came back to our place to play games and hang out.  Blake purposely got lost on the way back to give us all time to set up for the surprise!  We played a few traditional baby shower games but mostly hung out and ate yummy food....the best kind of party!

Penny was very excited about the party.


The group!

The girls

The boys couldn't figure out what to do.

So they settled on the YMCA.

The Redskins are playing right now so I'm going to go watch that.  Happy (almost) Friday!!!

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