Monday, October 29, 2012

Superstorm Day 1

So far, not much has happened for us on Day 1 of the Superstorm.  School was cancelled for me and Ben is able to work from home so neither of us have to be on the roads today, thank the Lord!  Right now, it is raining and the wind is picking up here and there but overall, not much has happened.  I wish I could say the same for the Eastern Shore, which is where all of my family lives, though none of them live on the water thankfully!  It has been pouring there since yesterday and it's pretty windy.  The main damage so far is in Ocean City, MD.  The water has already crossed over the dune line and is starting to wash into the streets, even farther in the lower areas of OCMD.  And the sad news so far is that over night the fishing pier was destroyed by the storm surge.  Officials are saying about 100 feet of the pier has been destroyed and washed away. :(  Hurricane Sandy isn't even here yet!  She is still off the coast of NC I believe, making it's way towards the Mid-Atlantic.

Officials are now saying that the storm is going to come right across the Eastern Shore/Delaware/New Jersey.  They thought it was going to hit more of NJ/NY but now Sandy has changed course.  The worst of it is supposed to happen tonight.

Here's a shot of the pier before and after.  I hope my beloved Ocean City doesn't wash away!

Here's another shot of the waves coming over the beach onto the boardwalk last night.

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