Sunday, October 28, 2012

Prepping for the Frankenstorm

Have you guys heard of the Frankenstorm that is coming???  Hurricane Sandy is going to merge with a winter storm coming from the west and a cold front coming from the north and will morph into a super storm, dubbed the Frankenstorm!!  The problem is that no one is quite sure where the storm is going to make landfall...anywhere from Virginia to Main it could hit.  It also depends on what news agency you are watching.  The most common projected path is for the storm to make landfall at Delaware/the Eastern Shore of MD (where I am from!) and passing right over us as it makes its way inland. We also aren't quite sure when the storm is going to hit.  It could be anywhere from tonight to Tuesday and it's expected to stay around for a few days.  Right now, the storm is off the coast of South Carolina and the road from NC to the Outer Banks has already washed out!

Ben and I have been lucky in that we haven't had to do too much to prep for the storm.  I picked up some water on my way home from school on Friday and we made sure we had plenty of peanut butter, bread, granola bars, and cereal.  We also made sure we had plenty of food and water for Riley.  Since we are on city water we shouldn't lose our water capabilities.  Our biggest thing will be losing power.  We have candles and some flashlights ready to go.  Ben's parents were kind enough to loan us some of their freezer space so we took our freezer food over there yesterday.  They have a generator and will be powering their freezer if they lose power.  We didn't want to go through what we did this summer when we lost power and lose all our food!  

We also shouldn't have to worry too much about the rain since we are on the third floor of our building.  We also don't have too many trees around so hopefully the wind won't be a problem either.  Our biggest concern is taking Riley out during the storm to go to the bathroom.  Hopefully we won't get blown away!

For as long as we have power, I will try to post pictures and updates.  Right now, it's cloudy and a slight breeze has started.  The rain from the storm is supposed to reach us later today with the wind coming tonight.  I am procrastinating and not writing lesson plans for the week yet until I see if I have school or not.  We shall see what happens!!!

If you are in the path of the storm like we are, stay safe!!

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