Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Puppy Therapy

Good morning everyone!  I wanted to share with you some incredible puppies that I have been (slightly) obsessing over the past few weeks!  I can't remember how I stumbled across this but it is a live feed camera on six adorable golden retriever puppies and their mom, Holly.  They are called Holly's Half Dozen...how cute is that?!?  They are in Brookville, MD, which is actually not far from us!

These six adorable puppies were born at the end of June and just had their 6 week portraits taken.  You can see their cute portraits on Facebook under Warrior Canine Connection.  There are five girls and one boy.  These puppies are being raised to be service dogs for veterans.  Their first two years, they will be helping soldiers who are suffering with post traumatic stress disorder and then they will become service dogs for disabled veterans.

These pups are part of the Warrior Canine Connection, which is working with Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.  They have had a live feed on them for the past few weeks and it is so much fun to get on and see what they are doing!  Sometimes they are inside, sometimes they are outside, sometimes Mom Holly is with them, sometimes she's not to help with the weaning process.  I have had so much fun watching them over the past few weeks!  I am actually sad I won't be able to watch them as often when school stuff starts next week!

If you need a smile today or just want to watch some cute puppies sleeping or playing together, please check out the live feed, which is 24/7, here!

P.S. I just found out that I could have spent my summer volunteering as a puppy petter for these cute puppies!!!  I'm so disappointed that I didn't know that earlier!  Oh well, maybe next summer!

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