Friday, August 17, 2012

Deep Creek Lake

Last week, Ben and I spent 5 days up in Deep Creek Lake with Ben's family.  His parents were vacationing there for a week and kindly invited us up to hang out with them!  They had rented this beautiful house that had a lake front view and was just the perfect location.  We were so close to everything we needed to do and it was great being able to see the lake and parts of Wisp, the ski resort that is next to the lake.

We went up on Wednesday and got there in the afternoon.  We spent the afternoon/evening just relaxing, watching the Olympics, and just enjoying hanging out together.

Our beautiful view!

The big grassy slope on the left is one of Wisp's ski slopes.

The boys took a bike ride around while I sat on the deck and read.

On Thursday, Ben's parents rented a boat for the day and we spent the day tubing and (trying to) water skiing on Deep Creek Lake.  We spent the first half of the day tubing on the lake and then steered the boat up to a public dock where we hopped off for lunch.  We had lunch at this really great pizzeria and ordered this GIANT pizza!  It was 26 inches wide!  

Our house is part of the middle left houses, the blue ones.

We tried to water ski but we found out that our boat wasn't strong enough to pull any of us up all the way.  We could get up halfway but the boat didn't have enough power to get us all the way up.  We tried though!

I'll post the rest of the pics later.  Here's day 1 and 2 of Deep Creek Lake!

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