Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Sweet Sixteen

About 12 days ago, Ben and I got to share in the celebration of his sister's 16th birthday!  We celebrated by hanging out at the house with her and the rest of the family.  We ate lots of yummy pizza and then feasted on cake and cookies!  Chessie got a sweet camera!  Which means she and I are going to do a lot of trips into  DC this summer to play around with our cameras!  Can't wait!  Here are a few pictures from her birthday celebration!

Chessie's awesome camera!
 Riley got to celebrate too!
 Opening her tripod from us.
 Kevin showing her one of two choices for her first car.  A red Pontiac Firebird!
 Choice #2...a silver Porsche Boxster
 Carefully weighing her options.
 Chessie's cute birthday cake! (Just pretend there are 10 more candles!)
 Singing to the birthday girl
 Ben and Kevin were enjoying the cars more than Chessie was.
 Riley love <3


  1. The birthday celebration looked like fun! I want a camera too! (Don't tell Todd I said that!) Cute blog makeover btw... (FYI, your link to About Us doesn't work.) Yay for blogging!

    1. Yes, I realized that after I put it up but I haven't had time (until now) to mess around with it! Hopefully I will get it figured out so I don't look quite like a novice blogger as I am!

    2. And thanks for the compliment by the way! I love this background...and Ben doesn't care lol so I win!