Sunday, September 4, 2011

Just some updates

So I realized this morning that I never updated on how Hurricane Irene affected us.  We made it through the storm really well.  Lights flickered a few times and that was about it.  The next morning, there were a bunch of leaves, twigs, and a shingle all over the apartment grounds.  Other than that, you would've never known Irene came through.  We were very lucky.  Ben's parents lost power for 3 and a half days and my family was all fine on the Eastern Shore.  Our OC condo made it through without a scratch!  All in all, us and our families were very lucky to make it through the hurricane without any major problems.

I did start school this past week!  We missed the first day because of the hurricane...many schools did not have power.  I love my 2nd graders!  I even taught my first lesson on Thursday.  It was on cooperation which is important, but not the most thrilling lesson to teach.  I also taught it at the end of the day so their attention spans were not as long as they usually are.  But we got through it and I got through my first lesson!

My kids think my name, Mrs. Alvarez, is too hard to say so many of them call me Mrs. A.  I've also gotten my first two pieces of artwork from students!  I posted a picture of them a few days ago.  They are great kids and I'm looking forward to spending the year with them!

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