Monday, November 8, 2010

Wedding bells in the air

Yesterday, Ben and I attended our 6th (yes, 6th) wedding of 2010!  We joined friends and family in seeing Jaime and Brad Collins tie the knot.  We are both friends with the bride.  She lived on Ben's floor freshman year at UMD and I met Jaime our junior year in Cru and became her bible study leader/really good friend.  She let me borrow a ton of clothes for various dates with Ben!  Anyways, they are really good friends of ours and when they get back from their honeymoon, they will be joining Cru staff at the Naval Academy in Annapolis! 
We also heard the wonderful news that Ben's cousin, Martina, got engaged this past week!  We are really excited for Martina and her fiance and for a big Texas wedding soon!  I've never been to Texas so I am really excited to go!

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