Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Sorry my updates are a little delayed...Comcast accidentally disconnected our services so we didn't have internet or cable for five days!  Just got it fixed so I'm trying to get up to date on everything!

The only pictures I have of Thanksgiving are of Riley being a good girl during dinner.  We gave her a big rawhide which kept her pretty busy while we ate.  We went to Ben's parents house first for our first Thanksgiving dinner.  Riley came with us so she didn't have to be in her crate on the holiday.  We brought the appetizers and some dessert to share!

After our first dinner, we made the drive to my grandparents house on the Eastern Shore for our second Thanksgiving!  We celebrated with my parents and brother and my dad's side of the family.  It was great to see everyone and eat again!  We were stuffed when we left to come home!

The next day was of course, Black Friday!  Chessie came over to our apartment and she and Ben stayed up all night playing video games.  I slept a few hours since I had to work that afternoon.  We left at 4am to hit the stores!  It was well worth it...got some Christmas presents and we saved more than we spent in every store!  Thats what I call smart shopping!

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