Friday, August 12, 2016

It Wouldn't Be Summer Without the County Fair

Summer's not complete without a trip to the county fair!  I grew up going to the Queen Anne's County 4H Fair so that's where I take the girls each year with my mom.  Last year the girls just kind of stared at everything but this year they enjoyed it much more!

Before I share fair pictures, Ben and I got to go to the beach just the two of us the week before.  My parents watched the girls and we belatedly celebrated our 6th anniversary.  Unfortunately I was sick so we spent most of the weekend laying on the couch watching the Olympics.  We never made it out to the beach but we did play some mini-golf (I kicked Ben's butt!), go out to dinner, and walk around the boardwalk.  We like to go to the arcade and each get $10 worth of coins and see who gets the most tickets with their coins.  Ben beat me by a ton!

First, can we talk about how this was a whole year ago?! This is one of my favorite pictures of them...and now they're 18 months old!

Mini golf with the dinos

World's best fries

How Natalie feels about Mondays

Either she had berries for lunch or became a zombie baby

Watching them read and share books never gets old!

We went to the fair the day after the Women's Gymnastics Team won gold and Michael Phelps won gold so we had to wear our USA dresses! We stopped at Aunt Sharon's work on the way there to say hi.

Noelle in red, Natalie in blue.

Watching the pigs

Noelle wasn't sure about the sheep sniffing her shoe

Goats on a leash

Noelle the baby meets Noel the donkey

These precious babies were only 3 weeks old!

Twin goats!

Their favorite animal was the baby chick


Well, next week is our last week of summer :(  It flew by!  We have some play dates scheduled, our 18 month visit, and we will end the week with having our 18 month pictures taken!  

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  1. Hope you all have fun at the splash pad! It was one of our favorite spots this summer for sure! :) Lucky you get one more week. I am back at work tomorrow!